Photo Restoration

Years of storage in a hot attic took it's toll on this wedding photo from the 40's. After the restoration  I was pleased to hear the Bride's suit WAS a dark blue , there was no way to tell from the photo I was given to correct.

Photos can be rescued  from all sorts of damage including tears , discoloration, heat damage, water damage.

A family photo from 1955 - rescued from water stain damage , a tear thru the center and discoloration

I am an artist by trade. You can follow a link to

my art page below. Having an artist do the restoration means it will be done with a careful hand and an artist’s eye towards filling in any gaps or tears on your photo. A machine cannot do what an artist can in this case, which is recreate missing or wished for details in your images. If you wonder if a thing can be done with your photo, just ask! I will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Blemishes can be removed from photos and items or people can be deleted from or added into photos. 

Reasonable rates.

Damage fixed , improvements made or alterations to any photo. Just ask!

That's me on the far right with the damaged wing. 

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